Lagoon VR


Robert Doback, and his 18 month old son Dale are on their way to the Galapagos Islands for a weekend getaway when things take a turn for the worst as their Falcon 900B private jet blows an engine and forces them to jump out of the plane with nothing but a parachute and a life raft. Remarkably they both survive the crash but find themselves stranded in the middle of a lagoon clinging onto a small island. They soon find out this lagoon is a dangerous place and Robert must fend of hordes of airborne and sea creatures that are looking to prey on his son. All the animals in the lagoon are acting like a bunch of goons. You are provided with a boat containing a small amount of cargo including a few melee weapons and a Handheld Object Launching Canon (HOLC). Your goal is to protect the baby from the animals of the lagoon before they harm your baby. Everything physically accessible from the island can be used as a melee weapon, launched from the HOLC, or could be thrown if it is light enough to be picked up.  


Actions within our game are limited to selection and manipulation which are triggered by trigger clicks. Additionally, timing of trigger press and release is incorporated and will affect physics. Players are able to pickup and drop objects. On pickup, we attach the desired object to our controller. This means that any velocity generated by the controller has a 1:1 application of velocity to the attached object. Melees are done through picking up an object and swinging it at an enemy. Throws are an extension of the pickup and drop. Velocity transfer is mapped 1:1 – the throw’s initial velocity is based on velocity of controller at trigger release time. Players are able to shoot. Shooting consists of having the HOLC attached to a hand, then pressing the trigger, holding it, then releasing it. This adds an impulse to our object after trigger release. Shooting an object launches it further and faster than a throw and has more accuracy. Players are able to feed the baby. This is done by selecting and manipulating a slain enemy and bringing it into the baby’s crib or by colliding the food with the baby itself.


Seagull: Plagued by overactive bowels. Seagull attacks are projectiles dropped from the seagulls themselves.

Puffer fish: Their method of attack is filling themselves with a mixture of air and helium, and floating out of the water towards Dale. Pufferfish explode when within a certain radius of Dale or if they are killed with a projectile.

Giant Fiddler Crab: Land-based creatures that crawl to Dale and repeatedly attack him.

Piranha: The piranha jumps out of the water and flies through the air in an attempt to attach to the baby and attack him.