CG Beach (Displacement & Light Maps)


The two different versions of this scene feature high polygon assets versus low polygon assets with shadows and normals baked onto them. The high polygon version of the scene features a detailed water and sand plane. The problem with high polygon assets in 3D graphics is that they are very computationally expensive and will result in sub-optimal performance in games.

Certain techniques such as baking, level of detail (LoD), and retopologizing can be used to optimize 3D assets for games. In this case, the normals from the high polygon water and sand planes were baked onto a flat single polygon plane as a displacement map. This technique results in 3D faces looking as if they are bumpy and detailed when in actuality, they are not.

High Polygon / Shaded Scene.

Low Polygon / Shaded Scene.

High Polygon / Wireframe Scene.

Low Polygon / Wireframe Scene.


•Autodesk Maya 2016

Mental Ray 2016

Light maps and displacement maps were created using the transfer maps function within Maya. Scene rendered with Mental Ray.

Displacement Map

Light Map